Tuesday, November 3

Funny Faces

Welcome to my laaaaiir!

I am only mildly amused with you and your attempts to get me to smile by making noise and funny faces.

I wonder if I can dive off the couch before Mom can catch me.... (the answer was YES)

There is something awfully suspicious going on around here!
Who's this stripey guy?

Mom, I think we have some kind of infestation going on... these eight-legged guys are all over the place.

Ahh, babies are fun.


  1. Bwahahahahaa! The best part is that you can do what you please with babies, and there's nothing they can do!

    Remember Isobel? She always would lay the newborns in the grass, then back away, giggling...

    I'd say, "You're so mean!"

    She'd just laugh some more.

    Kinda like Mommy Sarah torturing poor wee Ducky. :D

  2. Awesome!! :D

    Love the faces. The "mildly amused" was my favourite, I think.

    And the puke on the costume. ;)

  3. Tee-hee. Gave me a giggle.

    Babies ARE fun.

  4. Absolutely adorable with the most squeezable cheeks! Precious!


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