Monday, November 2

Cutest, chubbiest, yummiest little legs ever!

My son's, of course.

He is just so adorable. There are no words to measure his adorableness.

His little leg is none the worse for wear, being cooped up in a cast for three weeks. It did stink a little, but a nice bath cured that right up.

Ahhhh.... so nice to see both legs again. The cast was cute, but not as cute as his little leg!

He loves to kick, that's for sure. He was getting quite good at kicking his leg with the cast on, but it's better without.

At the hospital, the doctor cut his cast off with a scary-sounding saw that is actually not that scary (he held it to his own finger to show it doesn't cut skin), but taped it back together "just in case" while we waited for the X-ray. The X-ray technician took it off, and as he was taking it off he said "The only worry is if he can't straighten out his leg. Sometimes they can't and that's a problem---" and as the cast came off, my little Ducky started kicking away! His eyes got SO big as he realized the cast was off and his leg was much lighter! I was so happy to see him get so excited.

The dreaded cast was put back on one last time, so the Doctor could see the X-ray and judge whether or not he was healed enough for it to come off for good. I was nervous, thinking to myself that I would be SO disappointed if he had to have another cast on, but I worried for no reason! The Doctor said he was healed enough for the cast to be off! There was still a little crack in the middle of the bone, but there was sufficient bone growth on the outside for a non-weight-bearing little leg.


Hopefully, that will be Deklan's first and LAST cast!

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  1. Those are definitely the cutest eleven weeks old little boy legs I've seen today. :D

    Love the chubbs.


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