Wednesday, November 18

Fall is Hilarious!

According to my 3 month old son, a big pile of leaves is like a barrel full of monkeys! As fun as a - wait, I've misused my metaphor. What was I saying?

Leaves are fun. Yessir!

Even to 3 month old babies whose opinion on what is funny excludes everything except for being bent in half having your toes touch your nose.

He'll expand it someday.


  1. HAhaha! Yes, his experience with the funny in life is yet limited.

    Gorgeous pictures though. It is too bad that you didn't have them Mon to post for I heart Faces.

    Not knocking Linda, though.

  2. LOVE the laughing Ducky pics!! :D

    Pure gorgeousness. He's too adorable. :D

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the leaf pics!!!! His expression is priceless. Btw, I miss you dear! We'll have to catch up soon. ;^)


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