Tuesday, July 21

Oh boy...

He doesn't stand a chance....

He's going to be a Leaf fan no matter what I do.

It's not my fault... I'm not the one buying the jerseys and coats and sleepers and hats and booties and infant seat covers and whatever else. They are given to me! Or bought by my husband, who is cautiously optimistic about the future of his childhood favourite team.

Oh well... I'm just a traitorous Pittsburgh fan, after all. And who knows, maybe the baby will grow up to have his own opinions and be a fan of an entirely different team altogether.... as long as it's not the NY Islanders. I can't stand that team.


  1. Quin started out with all the Leaf stuff as well.... Now he's a Rangers fan.

    Nate is still a Leaf fan though.

  2. Vancouver Canucks all the way, right, Trenton? Or, if you live in Ottawa, "Go, Sens, Go!"

    I have no opinion. Whatever Ducky likes, I'll agree right with him. Just like I agree with all of the rest of you hockey nuts.

    WV: supberpi... A meal of beans. Makes you burpy. Ya gotta love it!

  3. cute, cute cute!!!!

    ah, what can you do. just know that no matter what jersey he wears... CUTE!! :)


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