Saturday, June 13

Busy, busy, birthday weekend!

In my family, and Tyler's, there are two months that seem to be chock full o' birthdays!

June is one of them.

We celebrated my nephew Michael's birthday on the 2nd, and little Ava's birthday came not too long after on the 5th. My family got together on the 5th to open cake and eat presents!! Or something like that.

Michael had 5 candles to blow out, and he didn't manage all of them at once! Lots of girlfriends for Mikey.

Ava only had two candles, which is still a lot for such a little one.

Her Mommy had to direct her, because she was more interested in looking at the fire than blowing it out. Little pyro!


Two! Yay, Ava!

Michael was hungry for cake.

But it was present time first!

A Wiggles book! Hurray! Ava is CRAZY about The Wiggles.

Michael is crazy about cake!

Ava likes cake, too. But especially the icing! Yum!

Happy Birthday to Michael & Ava, and also to my Mother-in-law who turned 50 on the 6th!

And there's still plenty of birthdays left! Linda's, Tyler's, Abby's.... crazy!

(Not nearly as crazy as August, though.)


  1. Great pictures, Sarah! I'm glad we were all there to open cake and eat presents together. Or something like that.

  2. Awwww... cute pictures!! :D

    Michael sure does like his cake. ;)

    Glad you got your camera back.

  3. Great pics Sarah. You really are a great photographer. Can you teach me?

  4. cutest pictures!!! of course, it would be hard to take bad shots of those adorable ones! happy birthday, guys!! :)


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