Thursday, September 11

I'm learning to be a Woodsman

By watching my dear husband, of course.

Tyler, being a good role model for safety with his super-cool ear muffs and protective eyewear. It's all about the PPE, people!!!

(PPE = Personal Protective Equipment)

Tyler had his dad's tractor for the day, so we could drag the hay wagon to different piles of cut wood and load it up.

That is TOTALLY ME!!! Running the chainsaw! You bet your sweet bippy it is!

Sure, I only held it long enough for Tyler to take the picture, but still! It was RUNNING! I even cut some!

Tyler finished it off.

I like this picture of Ty dismounting the tractor. It's like... handsome man in motion.

This is the beautiful sky we had while we were working in the bush.

These are a few of our many piles of cut wood.

Tyler is either throwing that block, or he's catching it from someone really strong on the other side of the wagon. You decide.

Tyler, standing atop the fully loaded wagon! YAY!

The tractor and loaded wagon, ready to be brought home.

And that was what took up my days for the past little while!

That and a nasty bout of sickness (stupid cold, stupid sore throat....)


  1. Wow! Great pics. And you're both so strong.

    Did you drive the tractor all the way from the VV farm to your home? If so, was that really slow going?

    We are missing you. Drop in for a visit some time.

  2. Hurray for winter wood!! :D

    Isn't holding a chainsaw something else?? So. Much. POWER!! >:D

  3. "Sarah the Woodsman"(er,woman?) Has a nice ring to it! Nice blog.

  4. I don't like saws.

    But you do look cool holding one.

    Of course I was throwing that block of wood for Tyler to catch. There, I've revealed the secret. :P

  5. I found your blog through Scary's West. You mentioned coming from a family of 12, and it caught my eye because I am the oldest of 12! Just thought I would drop by and say Hi!


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