Thursday, August 7

Three Birthdays and a Funeral

The days are passing by; one, two, three.... tomorrow is Friday already, can you believe it? This whole week has flown away. I must say though, it is not a week I will want to redo. Just once is enough.

August 6th was the day of Grandpa Harold's funeral. It was an emotional day... Harold was well loved, and had quite the extended family. The gathering to honour him was impressive in number. The minister, who knew him well, commented that Harold was very proud of his large family. At big gatherings, with all the kids running around like banshees, Harold would poke the minister with an elbow, give a wink, and say with a grin - "That's my family."

The minister encouraged everyone there not to focus on Harold's death, but on his life, and the memories and stories they had together.

I only have one story about Grandpa.... When I went to see him for the first time, I was sitting on the couch in their living room, listening to Grandpa and my father-in-law talking. Suddenly Harold paused and looked at me, his eyes magnified by thick lensed glasses.
"I like blondes." He said, his voice raspy and high pitched.

I'm sure I turned beet red. Oh my goodness.

Tyler told Grandpa that I was off the market.

That is something that still makes me smile when I remember it. He was a cheeky old man, but a lovable one.

On another note...
Critter turned 9 yesterday! Yay! My itty bitty littlestest brother is getting so big. The Twins also turned 1! So many birthdays. I LOVE birthdays!

I would've made a post yesterday about it, but we got home just in time for So You Think You Can DANCE dance dance dance. Therefore, no birthday post for Critter & the twins.


Also, I need a picture of Christopher! I took birthday pictures for him on mom's camera, but the funny thing about that is, they're on mom's camera. D'oh! So if she sent me one, I would put it up here. Hint. HIIIINT.

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