Wednesday, November 7

The Piglet Trio

I've been taking a Literature class with some other members of my family, and at this week's lesson our assignment was to rewrite a classic tale into a play. The catch was, we could not use any letter S's in what we wrote!

Linda, Critter, Quinlan and I were on a team, and our tale to re-write was The Three Little Pigs. 

Working together, we tweaked the story. I rather like what we came up with! Here it is, for your enjoyment!
The Piglet Trio

Once Upon a Time, 
the Piglet Trio, 
with a wedge between them, 
decided to build a different dwelling for each.

Pig One: I will make my home out of hay.

Down the road... 

Pig Two: I will make my home out of wood.

Up the hill...

Pig Three (the Clever Pig): I will dig my home out of the face of the Mountain!

Time rolled by, and the Piglet Trio lived contentedly, although alone.

One day, a hungry Wolf happened upon the hay dwelling. With terrible growling, he proclaimed

Wolf: Little pig, Little pig, let me come in!

Pig One: Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!

Wolf: Then I'll huff, & puff, & blow your home down!


Pig One: AHHHHHHHH!!!!

and he ran down the road, to the home made of wood. 

Pig Two let him in, for the wolf followed right behind.

The Wolf gave a great knock on the door. He growled

Wolf: Little duo, little duo, let me come in!

Pig One: Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin!

Pig Two: Mine either!

Wolf: Then I'll huff, & I'll puff, and BLOW your home DOWN!

And he DID.

Pig Two: AHHHHH!!!!

Pig One: AHHHHHH!!!!

And they ran up the hill, to the home carved into the face of the mountain, made of Rock.

Pig Three (the Clever Pig) let the other two in, then with a triumphant laugh he let free a volcanic eruption to obliterate the wolf!

Wolf: Aaaaaiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeblerglegargle....


Then he became King, and ruled all the land from the Mountaintop Lair.


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