Wednesday, March 16

19 months! :)

D-man is 19 months old today! :)

And for once, I actually took his month pictures on the correct day! Yay, me!

(This one is all blurry, but it was too ridiculously cute not to share...)

And, this is what happens when a 19 month old who loves being outside is told that it's time to go inside. Le sigh...

But, this is what happens when said 19 month old (after playing outside for 1 1/2 hours) gets inside and sits on Daddy's lap in the rocking chair...


Anyway, I've been sick all week, and am starting to feel better today (yay!) but my write-o-meter isn't up to 100% yet, so I'm afraid this is all you get. 

Oh, quit whining... just scroll up and look at the cuteness again. You'll be a'ight. 

Edit: Or... scroll down and look at cuteness. :D

This is last March 16th (back when I was really good at actually taking his month birthday pics on his month birthday) when D-man was 7 months old. 

Wasn't he just SO precious???? 

I swear I just started lactating again. Bad girls, bad!

Such a sweet baby.....

Happy sigh... :)


  1. Yay for 19 months!! :D

    Actually... What??? He needs to stop getting so big!!

    Tyler's face is hilarious. XD

    And AWhawhawhaw!!!! How itty bitty and so adorable and squishy cheeked and chewable was he only a year ago?!?

  2. lactating..bhahahahaha!

    Daddy doesn't look impressed at all. :)

  3. Ahh, Sarah. You need to post EVERY. DAY.

    I can't get enough of it.


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