Tuesday, October 26


I hope my son will never have to confront the horror that is breast cancer. I hope he will not have to face it alongside his wife, his daughters, his friends, his aunts, his cousins, his grandmother, his mother...But if he ever does, I am glad for the people who work to fight it, to find the cause and the cure.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month! Fight back, and spread the word. Go to i heart faces to see more pink. 


  1. Love this little guy...and the shoes...cute pic!

  2. Love this....the sentiment, the shot! beautiful!

  3. He looks very secure, for a guy wearing pink shoes! He's going to be a heart breaker someday, for sure.

  4. Are they really pink or did you photo shop?

    He's cute.

    And no cancer allowed, dad already went there. It got beat.

  5. Love the shoes!! :D

    And the look on his face. Too cute.


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