Saturday, January 3

A tale of a blueberry

We look so stinking happy! And we are.
We aren't great actors, people.... that is not faux joy you see.

But it is joy with a price. I am exhausted all the time. I didn't know that you could sleep for hours and hours, get plenty of R&R, and still feel like you just made it through a 10 round battle to be the Ultimate Fighting Champion. Minus the gory wounds.

Can someone explain why something the size of a blueberry takes so much energy to keep up? Honestly! It's a little ridiculous.

At least I haven't upchucked yet. I've felt like it (lots), but so far, nothing. Lots of things make me gag, though, and smells that used to be just icky are now extremely intolerable, like the unwashed trailers and trucks in the shed at work. I have to hold my breath walking past them or I'll lose my cookies.

Well, I just made tomato soup for supper, and it doesn't smell too unappealing, so I'd better go eat. The blueberry is quite demanding.


  1. Congratulations, you happy couple, you! I wondered when you'd make the blueberry public knowledge. Now you know how I felt when I was dragging around and you were wondering why mom was in bed so much. Nothing like walking a mile in someone else's shoes, eh?

    So happy for you...

  2. Hurray for the blueberry!! :D :D

  3. Well, it's not really "public" knowledge... the only people who read my blog are my family, and maybe some strangers who I've never met and will never meet.

    But you've told everyone anyways, so the only people who don't know are Tyler's extended family. :)


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