Sunday, October 5

Happy Birthday Jay!

I know, I know... I'm late. Jay's birthday was October 2nd.
But I still wish him a Happy Birthday! So there!

This is Jay last year, when Linda and I gave him a fuzzy pink poodle for his birthday. Which, by the way, he still keeps in his room.



  1. Nice pooch. ;)

    So, where have you been?? What's going on?? Hmmmmm?!?

  2. Oh, not too much! Yesterday was dump day... we cleaned out our entire basement and shed, reorganized the shed, and cleaned up the big piles of steel clippings and brick left by the roofing guys. (At least they piled it, instead of leaving it strewn across the yard! They were actually very nice roofing guys.) Today was more of a lazy day... I slept in, and then I cleaned my house, and now I'm goofing off on the computer.

    And that's where it's at!

  3. Hurray for getting the shed and basement clean!! :D

    We are working on the same things. ;) Jeff has got the shed almost completely organized, and the basement is about 60% done, too. Phew!

    No lazy day for me though - made 13 jars of HOT tomato relish, and about 9 litres of tomatoes. Gotta love HOT tomato relish. :D I put in double the amount of jalapenos this year. Hopefully as it ages, it'll be HOT! :D I'm afraid that all those lovely peppers that I put in will end up being the mild ones on the plant. ;) That would suck.


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